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As a mission-driven organization focused on gender equity and inclusion in the technical field, Women Impact Tech has expert insights and a unique point of view on the work environment. Our perspective is captured in these most recent media articles and interviews along with the benefits we are providing women in tech.


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How Hybrid Work Can Benefit The Workplace

The future of the workplace looks different in a post COVID world. In this podcast, Maribel Lopez discusses the changes in the workplace and how to to build a new culture with Paula Ratliff.

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The Politics of Women in Technology

The tech field lags far behind on workplace gender equality: There’s a stark difference in hiring quotas, salary, and retention numbers for women in tech compared to their male counterparts – pointing out deeper inequalities and foundational problems in the industry.


How One Woman is Forging a New Future for Queer Women in Tech

Paula Ratliff is an openly gay woman who is trying to forge a future for women working in the tech industry. For Ratliff, being openly gay is a point of pride, but she admits that during her 22 years working at a staffing company, she could not be her truest self.

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Exclusive Interview With Paula Ratliff, Owner And President Of Women Impact Tech

Paula Bratcher Ratliff is the President of Women Impact Tech, where she leads the strategic direction and daily operations of an amazing organization. Their mission is to create equity in the workforce for women in tech by building a network of women who support one another and by propelling companies to promote equality, equity and inclusion in their organizations.



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